Best Selling Cakes

We got you covered with our collection of best-selling cakes.
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  • Peppa Pig Cake
    Peppa Pig Cake
    From 2,299.00
    Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
  • Captain America Cake
    Captain America Cake
    From 2,399.00
  • Birthday Cake for Baby Boy 1 Year
    Birthday Cake for Baby Boy 1 Year
    From 2,499.00
  • Spiderman Theme Cake
    Spiderman Theme Cake
    From 3,299.00

Order a bomb blast surprise cake now!
This cake is ideal for a birthday celebration, an anniversary, or any party.

  • Chocolate Bomb Cake
    Chocolate Bomb Cake
    From 1,399.00
  • Chocolate Bomb Cake
    Butterscotch Bomb Cake
    From 1,399.00
  • Chocolate Bomb Cake
    Black Forest Bomb Cake
    From 1,399.00
  • Chocolate Bomb Cake
    Red Velvet Bomb Cake
    From 1,749.00

Barbie Doll Cakes

Our Barbie cakes are very popular with girls as you will
get cute and attractive-looking dolls in an edible form.

  • Barbie Birthday Cake
    Barbie Birthday Cake
    From 1,899.00
  • Barbie Cake Online
    Barbie Cake Online
    From 2,399.00
  • Barbie Cake Design
    Barbie Cake Design
    From 2,399.00
    Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
  • Barbie Cake Barbie Cake
    Barbie Cake Barbie Cake
    From 2,899.00
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Pinata Cake With Hammer

At Yummy Cake, you can buy a pinata cake with a hammer.
Smash the pinata cake and reveal the surprise inside. 

  • Chocolate Pinata Cake
    Chocolate Pinata Cake
    From 1,599.00
  • Baby Shower Pinata Cake
    Baby Shower Pinata Cake
    From 1,599.00
  • Knock Knock Pinata Cake
    Knock Knock Pinata Cake
    From 1,599.00
  • Chocolate Pinata Birthday Cake
    Chocolate Pinata Birthday Cake
    From 1,599.00

Pull Me Up Cake

Now easily place pull me up cake orders online from your comfort zone.
Choose from different designs and flavors.

  • Pull Me Up Anniversary Cake
    Doraemon Pull Me Up Cake
    From 1,399.00
  • Pull Me Up Anniversary Cake
    Pull Me Up Anniversary Cake
    From 1,549.00
  • Pull Me Up Anniversary Cake
    Pull Me Up Barbie Doll Cake
    From 1,549.00
  • Pull Me Up Anniversary Cake
    KitKat Pull Me Up Cake
    From 1,549.00

Bachelor party cake

Find the most delicious bachelor party theme cakes without leaving your Home Now.
Place your order now for the best taste.

  • Last Shot Before Knot Cake
    Bachelor Party Couple Cake
    From 2,399.00
  • Bachelor Cake For Bride
    Bachelor Cake For Bride
    From 3,099.00
  • Bachelor Party Theme Cake
    Bachelor Party Theme Cake
    From 3,099.00
  • Bachelor Designer cake
    Bachelor Designer cake
    From 3,249.00

6 Month Cake

Buy Half birthday cake for a 6 months celebration.
Themes like Disney, Princess, Cinderella, Frozen, Doraemon, and many more.

  • 6 Month Birthday Cake
    6 Month Birthday Cake
    From 1,599.00
  • 6 Month Anniversary Cake
    6 Month Anniversary Cake
    From 1,599.00
  • Half Year Birthday Cake
    Half Year Birthday Cake
    From 1,599.00
  • Birthday Cake for 6 Month Old
    Birthday Cake for 6 Month Old
    From 2,399.00

Floor Cakes

Enjoy our well-designed 3 Tier Cake for online delivery.
Get the elegant handmade cake from us at the best price.

  • 2 Tier Black Forest Birthday Cake
    2 Tier Black Forest Birthday Cake
    From 2,799.00
  • Car Rally Theme First Birthday Cake
    Car Rally Theme First Birthday Cake
    From 5,999.00
    Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
  • Eiffel Tower Theme Cake
    Eiffel Tower Theme Cake
    From 6,799.00
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake
    Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake
    From 7,200.00
    Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating

Anniversary Cakes

Buy an amazing anniversary cake to celebrate togetherness.
Cakes are designed to recreate those special moments for you. 

  • 50th Anniversary Cake
    50th Anniversary Cake
    From 3,999.00
  • 1st Anniversary Cake
    1st Anniversary Cake
    From 4,499.00
  • Beautiful Floral Cake
    Beautiful Floral Cake
    From 4,799.00
  • Silver Jubilee Cake
    Silver Jubilee Cake
    From 8,399.00
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Wedding Cakes

  • 50th Wedding Anniversary Cakes
    50th Wedding Anniversary Cakes
    From 1,999.00
  • Wedding Cakes
    Wedding Cakes
    From 4,750.00
  • 3 Tier wedding Cake
    3 Tier wedding Cake
    From 5,099.00
  • 4 Tier Wedding Cake
    4 Tier Wedding Cake
    From 18,000.00

Baby Shower Cakes

  • Baby Shower Cakes for Girls
    Baby Shower Cakes for Girls
    From 2,299.00
  • Baby Shower Cake
    Baby Shower Cake
    From 2,399.00
  • Baby Shower Cakes Online
    Baby Shower Cakes Online
    From 2,399.00
  • Baby Shower Customized Cakes
    Baby Shower Customized Cakes
    From 3,099.00

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Designer Cakes For Your Celebrations

Looking for delicious and stylish designer cakes in Faridabad and surrounding areas? Faridabadcake offers the latest designer cakes for birthdays & other occasions online delivered to your doorstep or a destination of your choice.

We deal in the selling and supplying of freshly baked designer cakes in Faridabad. Let’s commit to building a long-lasting relationship. We ensure quality as we don’t want to lose our worthy clients. Order cakes online, it makes the difference.

Order Designer Cakes Online

Individual occasions always call for something unique and touchy. That is why our designer birthday cake is a glimpse of our art and craft, concerning your needs and specifications. Your search for the best and exceptional designer cakes in Faridabad comes to an end when you place an order for designer cake online at our website. We know how to capture the mood of the event and make your day truly memorable with our wide and exhaustive variety of designer cakes at affordable rates.

Designer Cakes for Birthday

Our collection of designer cakes in Faridabad is a symbol of excellence and freshness meant for all occasions and events. Be it an anniversary cake, birthday designer cake, designer frozen cake, or designer crown fondant cake, you can order designer cake online of your choice via and ensure timely designer cake delivery in Faridabad.

FaridabadCake: The Best Destination for Designer Cakes Online in Faridabad

Cakes are made up of such sweet combinations that everyone loves the taste of it. No occasion is small for cakes. It can be the birthday of your spouse or you want to celebrate Mother’s Day, with a designer cake you can bring true happiness and love to your family. FaridabadCake is a leading online destination that offers a wide collection of customized cakes to satisfy your different purposes. To make your special occasion unique and overwhelming, a designer's birthday cake is a spark with creativity and skill. For presenting the best birthday surprise to your father or to make your husband feel amazed on the day of your marriage, order a stylish and personalized cake, fit for the occasion.

Delectable Cakes with the Latest Designs to Celebrate the Birthday of Your Kids

No matter how old your girl is she remains like a baby always. A kid’s birthday is always very special for parents. And they try to pour everything to make the child feel ecstasy and pleasure with many surprises. And a birthday cake is always significant to a child. Kids stay excited about the shape, design, color, and flavor of the cake. You can bring a sweet smile to her face by ordering an enticing and mouthwatering cake. You can choose a theme-based cake also. We care for your emotion and help your girl has a grand celebration on her occasional day. We offer a wide diversity of customized cakes with different sizes, weights, topping, flavor, icing, and design. It will be the best surprise for your girl as well as guests.

Order Designer Cakes Online for Relishing the Lip-Smacking Pleasure

We want our clients to have the best satisfaction with our products. Our bakers are very creative. They design impeccable designs and give your occasion an extra gorgeous look. You all know that cakes are the centerpiece in any festivity. Whether it is Christmas, Diwali, Valentine’s Day, Raksha Bandhan, or a simple anniversary celebration, with our opulence of items every occasion becomes glorious and extraordinary. Our bakers give their unending effort and time to bring better designs and flavors in cakes. The result is clients have a great variety of desserts rich in various flavors, styles, and shapes. From simple Mickey Mouse Fondant Cakes to unique Barbie Cakes or cakes for sports lovers, customers can discover a range of styles with deliciousness.

We aim to maintain the freshness as well as the taste and the look of the item. Very fresh and high-quality ingredients are used for making products. Our cakes are amazingly soft, fluffy, and light. It is because of using nature-fresh ingredients like gluten less flour, top-class butter, real essence, edible ornamentation, fresh fruits, and the right proportion of leavening agents. Our bakers are rich in knowledge and experience. They use their innovation and expertise and the outcome is an amazingly gorgeous and scrumptious dessert. No matter what the delivery destination is or it is a midnight thrill, we are proud to make your order delivered at your doorstep before time. We respect your emotion and we attempt for timely delivery always.

Our Pride

  • Variety

We are proud of our variety. We are specialized in chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, strawberry, pineapple, Blueberry, and fruit cakes. They are truly irresistible with their taste and looks. Our cakes weigh from 500gm to 10kg. Sweetest Treasure Cakes, Palki Cakes, Gym Cakes, Captain America Cakes, and Spiderman Cakes for boys are some of our specialties.

  • Fast Delivery

We don’t want your baby boy waits for the surprise on his day. Our objective is to keep the occasion perfectly enjoyable. For prompt delivery, we are a guaranteed name. We have a strong network system and within a few hours of ordering one of our delivery persons will reach your place carrying a classy astonishment for you.

  • Far and Wide Service in Faridabad:

We offer designer cakes in Faridabad. We are satisfied to make our consumers happy no matter how distant the location is. We are a leading online cake shop in Faridabad and other towns in Delhi NCR. Is it your last-minute decision? Don’t worry! Call us or place your order online. We are ready to serve you anytime anywhere in Faridabad & Delhi NCR.

  • Specialized in Midnight Delivery

We maintain the model and taste of cakes always. You will have the same design as you saw on our website. We have expert packaging also. No matter how long we need to travel to deliver it, the freshness and decoration remain the same to maintain the ecstasy of the party. Get the last-minute midnight cake delivery service near you.

  • Great Quality

We never compromise the quality. Quality is our strength. And it is because consumers have such a satisfactory experience with us. We always prefer pure and nature-fresh ingredients to bring sweetness to your occasion.

  • Easy and Secure Payment Method

We offer easy and secure payment plans. There is no hidden cost in a deal. Our humble choice is to maintain a transparent and long-term relationship with our clients. You have a market-oriented price for each cake. Be sure that you choose the right one within your budget.

  • User-friendly Experience

We are here to help you anytime and every time. Call us or send us emails for your query or any special requirement. Our supportive and friendly team is there to solve your issues. If you feel indecisive to select a tempting dessert for your girlfriend just share your issues. We will select the best style, beautifully crafted, and carefully prepared to provoke the intuition. Call us anytime.

  • Unique and Trendy Cake Designs for Baby Boy and Girls

Is it the celebration of your baby boy or girl? Special moments will be cherished later if it celebrates uniquely. We bring emotions to your event with the perfect fusion of lusciousness and style. We are privileged to build customized cakes with your preference of flavor, toppings, base, and weight to double the fun and excitement of your party.


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