5 Out Of The Box Classic Cakes For The Celebration

gulab jamun cake for birthday

Celebrations and cake go hand in hand. As life itself is a celebration and eating cake is not a sin. Let us peep into the beautiful world of cakes and see some real beauties from the out-of-box classic collection and let them add more charm to any celebration.

Be it a birthday party, anniversary, mother’s day, father’s day, bachelor’s day, company event, wedding, etc. The flavors can also be equally exciting. One can simply buy the mouth-watering cake from FaridabadCake. They have a wide range of surprising and out of box classic cakes.

Thus for the celebrations here is the list of exciting and exotic flavors of cake.

East meets west: Will it not be too exciting if the Indian desserts rather than being fried or being too high on calories could convert them into the classic cake. It will be the best in the world in one simple delicacy. Thus bringing together the traditional Indian desserts like Ras Malai, or the Gulab Jamun or the Motichoor or the pistachio barfi, or the Thandai shake, in the form of a cake.

It is something that can be simply said to be out of the world. The flavors will charm you and quickly melt in your mouth.

Bachelorette Cake: If you want to be a little naughty just before your friend’s wedding then this is the best option you can choose for an adult cake. Whatever and its literal terms are the brassiere cake or the cake that depicts first night scene can be done. Thus when you have the reason to be naughty let the cake also be the same.

last night out Bachelorette cake
Source: http://www.yumyumeatemupcakes.com/apps/photos/photo?photoid=87922760

Tart Cake: Another trending cake is the tart cake that is minimal on the frosting, but on looks quotient it is high. The crispiness of tart base with some creams and assorted mini dessert bites with real flowers will leave all your guests mesmerized and charmed by its beauty.

fruit tart cake for birthday
Source: http://bakeforme.com/bfm-cakes-fruit-tart.html

Pull Apart Cake: Another classic example of an exotic cake that will make your celebrations all the more exciting. Just choose the flavor of your cupcakes, if you desire to bring a twist here you can have cupcakes of multiple flavors.  

apart cake
Source: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/3e/40/5f/3e405fd0a3afbf9ffb837f45caaae042.jpg

The cupcakes are arranged in beautiful patterns as per the occasions like a bouquet, animal faces, princess, or lego. What makes it exciting, is that you need not cut the cake, instead, simply pull the cupcakes and enjoy. This is a unique and ultra classic example of out of the box cake.

Really Looking Cake: The cakes from this category are marvels and show the fusion of technology with the goodness of yummy cakes.  

Choose the flavor of your choice, be it chocolate, hazelnut, dry fruit, blueberry or any other. This implies that you can get rotational cakes, lighting cakes, heartbeat cake, standing cake or a combination of all.

For example, a cake that is shaped like a car and has lights in it and a track, giving you feel of the racing cars.  This cake will simply amaze the guests.

rally looking cake

FaridabadCake can help you get these fantastic out-of-box designer cakes for your loved ones in major cities of the country. All you need to log in to our website and select the flavor and design of the cake and you are done.

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